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The Transportation Specialists

Our Team

Drawing on years of chauffeur industry experience, our team focus as a first step, on taking time to establish a clear understanding of each customer’s individual requirements and offer a 'Rider' to our clients so they can have all the comforts and necessary equipment in the vehicle they require. The company owners are chauffeurs themselves who understand exactly what is expected from the clients of today.


Colin Boyle

[email protected]

Integral Chauffeur Serves was founded by 

Colin Boyle a highly trained professional chauffeur with over 15 years experience. Colin worked as a corporate chauffeur for 12 years driving Fortune 500 & FTSE 100 executives, high net worth individuals and VIP events. During this period 

Colin undertook courses such as the Institute of Advanced Motorists and protection driving courses where he learnt 

self-defence manoeuvres, security protocol, and convoy skills working with more than one vehicle. Colin has also worked in the hospitality industry providing 5* hotels with a chauffeur service specifically for their VIP clients. 

Steve Doyle

[email protected]

Highly trained professional chauffeur with over 16 years experience. Steve worked as a government car driver for 12 years driving ministers, lords and officials. During this period he undertook courses such as the Institute of Advanced Motorists and a level 1 Police protection driving course where he learnt self-defence manoeuvres security protocol, and convoy skills working with more than one vehicle. Steve regularly worked with ministers who required special security arrangements such as 
No 10 Downing Street, Home Office and at the Northen Ireland Department. Steve has also worked in the hospitality industry providing 5* hotels with a chauffeur service specifically for their VIP clients. 

Business Development Advisor

Jerry Doyle CAE F.I.M.I
Previously, Director of Government Car Service (GCS).  

Prior to early retirement. Jerry had overall responsibility for the Government Car service, including fleet management and driver training. Jerry has over 40 years experience in the provision of transport in both the public and private sectors. The Government Cars primarily provided long and short term chauffeur and car hire, a taxi - style booking service, protected security cars and specially trained drivers. Jerry's principal aim was to be the Government's and private sector's first choice as a secure and safe provider for moving people.         


Tina Boyle

[email protected]

Tina's previous career in banking and logistics make her well suited to handle the day to day operations of our main office. Tina will liaise directly with our clients and their assistants to make the necessary arrangements and implement their precise requirements.

Driver Training & Development

John Garrett

Advance Driving Consultant working in Partnership with Integral Chauffeur Services

[email protected]


John Garrett has had a distinguished career with the Government Car Service and has had the privilege to drive five Prime Ministers and many leading Politicians during his time with them, gaining a vast amount of experience on how to deal with the challenging demands of conveying passengers who have certain expectations required of a professional driver. 

His role within the Government Car Service took him on many journeys, as a pool driver, a National Protection Driver and as with many of his colleagues working alongside SO1 protection teams. None more satisfying than driving The Rt Hon Dr John Reid MP Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, during the setting up of the Good Friday Agreement. He was also privileged to become the Training Co-ordinator for the Government Car Service.

During his time as a Training Co-ordinator he has been responsible for driver Development not only to Central Government but to the wider field, which has included the Scottish Executive and the Welsh Assembly where Advance Driving techniques were carried out, prior to entering the National Protection Driving Course. Apart from UK based training his work took him on trips abroad as part of Control Risks Training Team working for the British based companies. 

This has meant training drivers to the highest of standards in Advanced Driving Techniques, in order for them to carry out their roles as professional drivers in a calm and professional manner. The skills and techniques required of them included, Anti-surveillance (Recognising & Dealing with) Anti-Ambush Drills on/off road, Advanced Vehicle Handling, & Commentary Drives. His responsibilities have allowed him to train hundreds of drivers in attaining IAM or ROSPA qualifications in Advance Driving.